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mastercook imports & cookies

I believe importing into Mastercook was discussed here earlier in the
spring; in any case, SOMEWHERE I picked up a post regarding the formatting
necessary to import "text file" recipes into Mastercook successfully.
Unfortunately, files that are not in Mastercook or MealMaster (and possibly
a few others?) formats already will not import successfully; if anything
happens at all, usually you'll get part of the text in as the recipe title
and the rest will remain blank.
Fortunately, some of the recipes in the archives are already in Mastercook
or MealMaster format. If anyone wants me to forward the message outlining
the text format, drop me a line. Caveat: I haven't tried it myself, but
several people vouched for it, as I recall.

Regarding cookies, I think Jody was correct - most recipes simply won't
turn out crispy without the fat. I have Sandra Woodruff's Secrets of
Fatfree Baking, and I believe most of her cookie recipes rely on
reduced-fat butters or margerines (at least 5-6g fat / 60 cal. per Tbsp)
rather than being fatfree. The exception might be toast-like "cookies" such
as biscotti, which I think can be made successfully fatfree. No more "Congo
Bars" for me. . .

Linda B.