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squash varieties

Diana, I don't like some varieties of squash, so maybe that's the problem. 
 Of the ordinary supermarket types, I like ButterCUP best.  It's roundish, 
dark green, and has a belly button.  Butternut, the oblong tan kind with a 
bulb at one end, is my next pick.  If you have a good source of produce, 
however, try to find some Delicata or Sweet Dumpling squash, little things 
that are essentially one serving.  Yum.   I don't like nutmeg, sugar, or 
anything adulterating my squash, so I usually puncture the whole squash, 
nuke until the skin is soft enough to slice in half, then bake cut side 
down in a 1/4 inch of water in the oven at 350 until it is nice and soft. 
 I use the water because I overbake by most people's standards, I like 
squash to be soft and, well, squashy.  You can just cook it completely in 
the microwave, too, though you lose a little flavor.   Squash does well 
with a contrasting flavor, I like wild rice with it.

Anne Cox
Incidentally, I'm looking for native food plants (Northeast U.S.) for next 
year's garden, if anyone has suggestions or sources.