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pumpkin & leeks

Well, not pumpkin and leeks together!  About muffins, I hate them, so I 
don't have a recipe, but I routinely add  canned pumpkin to quick breads 
like cornbread or zucchini bread as a fat substitute.  More flavor and lots 
cheaper than Wonderslim (a pureed prune fat sub) or baby food prunes.  I 
sometimes thaw one of those rectangles of pureed squash if I don't have 
leftovers.  Sorry, I'm still working on the recipes, I haven't managed to 
get the texture I want since I eliminated the egg whites.  Now that the 
squash and pumpkin season is upon us, I can experiment.

Except for the very top 2-3 inches of the blade (leaf) of the leek, it is 
perfectly usable.  As you slice, separate the tougher green parts from the 
whiter parts.  Follow the usual stir fry rules and toss the tougher parts 
in your soup a few minutes before the rest.  If in doubt, gnaw on a bit, 
leeks vary in their toughness like broccoli.  It really makes me cringe to 
see all that flavor go into the compost (or disposal)!  Do slice off the 
root and separate all the layers to wash - having seen them in the garden, 
I finally understand how leeks manage to get all of that sand IN there!