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Canadian vegetarian paradise

I just got back home (and 90 degree weather) after 11 days in 
Toronto. It is a veritable vegetarians's paradise. I was able
to attend the opening of Toronto's new Le Commensal (which 
already has 8 places in Quebec), with their buffet of over 100
dishes, all clearly labeled Ovo, Lacto or Vegan. I had great
vegan food at V2, amazing Vietnamese at Lotus Garden, tasty
fare the The Vegetarian Restaurant, and interesting stuff at
Juice for Life. The city is blessed with over 30 totally 
vegetarian eating places, another 60+ that have vegetarian 
specialties and two that feature all organic foods, with many 
offering very low fat dishes. Prices, even in the fancy places, 
were very reasonable, too. 

The Toronto Vegetarian Association is a dynamic and very helpful
group, the largest in the hemisphere, with some 1600 members, 
scores of publications, a resource center and much more. A 
directory of vegetarian resources is available free. Write
TVA, 736 Bathurst St., Toronto ON M5S 2R4 or email them at:
tva@xxxxxxxxxxxx  - web site: http://www.interlog.com/~tva

But best of all were the people. With hearts bigger than Ontario
itself, they made this visiting Hawaiian feel warmth equal to the 
aloha of home. My sincerest and heartfelt thanks to you all, 
and a special smile to the FatFree list members I met. 

Neal Pinckney <> Healing Heart Foundation <> Makaha, Hawaii <> AH6HM