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have a laugh on my bahalf

The following is sad, but true:  it happened to me!
I needed flatware, so I bought some, the spoons bent, so back to the
store they go.  Get new ones, very pretty, white handles.  I use these
and wash tem, naturally.  Use them again and notice that my hands are
wet while eating, well a little bit of  spying, the things accumulated
water inside them!  Get new ones, one wash and oh surprise they are
rusting.  Everytime the price went higher, I thought that would help. 
Well today went to get new ones, could not eat on plastic
store-giveaways with my hsuband here.  Open the set, the box says 20,
the insides are 15!
Which store?  Well I was changing stores betwee Walmart and Service
Merchandize.  So tomorrow another trip to the store, hopefully I will
get a full set.

I hope I made you laugh.  Timewise this started end of August.
Jenka Keizer-Guevara			The University of Alabama 
jkeizer3@xxxxxxxxxxxx			Tuscaloosa, Alabama