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In regards to flaxseed being high in fat:

Flaxseed is one of the few forms that we can acquire Omega 3- an 
essential fatty acid. Our bodies will not manufacturer this- so we must 
consume this. People that have a very low fat and vegetarian diet will 
see side affects with not getting this essential fat such as very dry 
skin, and dry brittle hair and nails. Personally, I noticed my skin being 
very dry and then big portions of my hair broke off. Obviously, something 
was wrong. So, I did some investigating and found that Omega 3 was the 
missing element. 

So, even though it is high in fat, it is definitely something *this* 
group should be concerned with getting. 

You can find flaxseed oil and seeds in healthfood stores. There are even 
Omega 3 bars available that are low in fat. I try to eat one every other 
day and put a little bit of the flaxseed oil in cooking. I believe Dean 
Ornish or McDougall go further into this in their books.

--I can't wait to try out these stuffings that have been posted!