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Re: Canning

Hi Gloria and folks on the list:

I just started canning about two years ago and I have found the Ball
canning book (from the Ball jar folks) to be very helpful. Can't remember
the exact name of the book (it's at home--if you would like the exact title
and ISDN let me know and I would be happy to send it to you later), but you
should be able to find it near the canning supplies in a good hardware
store. Canning is great, but you need to pay *careful attention* to the
procedures to make sure the containers reach the proper temperature and
seal to keep the bacteria out. Some foods need to be canned under pressure
rather than in a water bath, so be sure to get a good canning book to help

To me, canning is a lot of fun and it makes me feel really good to see the
results of my hard work on the shelf. This time of year I can pumpkin
butter and apple butter to give away in gift baskets during the holidays.

Have fun!

In cool, colorful North Carolina!

Bethann D. Watson
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Senior Technical Editor
Research Triangle Park, NC
Knowledge Products-IBU
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