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low-calorie and high-fiber

Someone recently asked about the suspiciously low calories in Kellogg's 
All-Bran Extra Fiber. I read in the latest Vegetarian Times that the FDA 
allows companies to subtract calories attributed to insoluble fibers from 
the total calorie count of foods. The article says that Quaker subtracts 
calories from this type of fiber from its oat cereals, but doesn't 
mention Kellogg's.

For products with fewer than 50 calories, manufacturers must round 
calories to the nearest multiple of five. For greater than 50 calories, 
they round to the nearest multiple of ten. Fat content is rounded to the 
nearest half gram if there are fewer than 5 grams of fat in the product, 
and to the nearest whole number if over 5 grams.

Unrelated to this, I have recently tried WonderSlim's fat-free cocoa. I
think it's very similar in taste to something like Hershey's cocoa. They
say the fat is extracted by "mechanical pressing". Interestingly, it's
higher in calories (by weight) according to both labels than the
Hershey's--don't know how this can be when each contains 100% cocoa, must
be the rounding.