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Re: Frozen Foods

Krista asked for suggestions regarding freezing foods.  Something 
that we've found to work very well is to make a large (double) batch 
of basic spaghetti sauce and freeze the sauce in heavy duty plastic 
zipper bags in amounts just right for two servings.  The bags work 
really well for several reasons:  you can squeeze out all the air and 
cut down on freezer burn and crystals, and you can fit the bags into 
the nooks and crannies of tight freezer space.  However, it helps to 
have 2 people for the filling process - even though I can usually 
manage to prop the bags up open on the counter, as you start filling 
them they tend to sag and droop and spill.  There are several defrost 
options:  wrap the frozen bag in a kitchen towel and put it in the fridge 
24-12 hours before you want to use the sauce; or set the still zippered 
bag in a bowl of really hot tap water for 1/2 an hour and squeeze the 
bag about every 10 minutes and change the water when it gets too cold; 
or unzip and peel or cut away the bag and pop the frozen sauce into a 
pan then cover and put on really low heat and add a little water if it 
doesn't melt fast enough.  When reheating, if you've started with a basic 
sauce, you can add different things to it each time you use a bag to 
make it a little different.  Like add hot sauce one time, veggie the next, 
TVP the next, etc.

Kim Allen
Baltimore, Maryland