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Cabbage, Tuna and Tomatoes

     Multi-topics, so here goes:
     **I can't remember what edition the unstuffed cabbage was in, but I, 
     coincidentally made it last night and it was terrific!!  I added a 
     little vegetarian Worcestershire sauce to the recipe. It is definitely 
     a keeper.  It satisfies my need to eat deli cabbage rolls!!  I will 
     bring the recipe in from home and email it to you, Sylvia.  Of course 
     by that time you will probably have twenty copies of it.  People on 
     this BB are so great about responding to requests!  I think the 
     contributor was Laurie in DC. I also tried the Mock Tuna Salad 
     yesterday for lunch.  I pigged out and ate two sandwiches! My SO said 
     it reminded him of chicken salad.  Whatever, I like it!!  Thanks to 
     the contributor of this recipe.  I'm sorry I don't remember who you 
     **I, too, cleaned out my garden of tomatoes, Christi, and I also will 
     be trying to do creative things with green ones, but remember, also, 
     that if you put those green guys in a paper bag or shoe box and leave 
     them in a dark cool place, they will ripen just like on the vine.  Oh 
     yea, summer tomatoes for another couple of weeks!!