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hi folks -

Some of you may remember that I've lost 90 pounds doing McDougall. I've kind
of been stuck or on a plateau or something but just bought his Maximum Weight
Loss book & was about to tackle that when BIG problems have intervened. My
17-year-old daughter - 2 years ago she committed 2 felonies on speed & went to
treatment, was clean & sober & on the honor roll last year & could have
actually graduated on time this year in spite of losing almost a full year in
9th grade - Well, she has relapsed - been busted again for possession of
methamphetamines, released to us on house arrest & then run away - so she's
out there somewhere with a warrant for her arrest. She calls to let us know
she's okay but that's about it. Anyway I'm now so depressed & upset about this
that my compulsive eating has just kicked in with a vengeancne. I've been
eating junk food - potato chips, candy, meat, ice cream. Actually none of it
really tasted very good, except the Ben & Jerrys ice cream, but I just seem
unable to control it. I am still exercising, because that really helps the
stress. But the eating doesn't help just makes me feel worse. I wish I was one
of these people who can't eat when they're upset, instead of someone who eats
more. Does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Zoe Sodja
Santa Cruz