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product sugg.

I don't think my last message made it through in the right form.  Well, anyways since I don't often have
the time or desire to cook, I rely on fast products.  Just wanted to suggest a few I've tried lately.
For the very occasional chocolate indulgence, try using the mori-nu chocolate pudding mix.  Its only 1.5 grams of
fat per serving.  It is great made
into a chocolate cream pie with a fatfree pie crust (you can make one or buy from Dixie).  

Second, I'm in love with Westbrae sesame and sesame garlic rice cakes.  I've always hated rice
cakes but these don't tase like rice cakes at all. Crunchy!!

Third, I'm also in love with wild mushroom polenta by Elite Foods-found in the refrigerated section
of my health food store.  I just pan "fry", eat plain or topped with a sauce.  A great sauce is
the Red Bell Pepper Sauce with Shitake Mushrooms in Dean Ornish's Eat More Weigh Less.  100%
fat free and fantastic.