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miso eggplant and party food

1) We had really good eggplant the other day, misoyaki eggplant.  Half an 
eggplant (regular eggplant will do, it doesn't have to be Japanese).  Marinate 
in a miso and sugar paste (proportions to taste) overnight.  Scrape off the 
paste and broil until soft.  Yum!

2) With regards to Jessica, who is getting married, and anyone who is planning a 
big party (e.g. bar mitzvah) and has to deal with caterers, we're getting 
married and our caterer is awesome.  Here are some of our vegetarian entrees/ 
appetizers for ideas:
- papaya bok bok (Thai shredded green papaya salad with lime juice and ground 
peanuts) (we omitted the fish sauce and it tastes fine)
- ginger and mango smoothies
- passionfruit ice tea
- grilled eggplant, yams, acorn squash,chayote with blackened tomato-sage 
vinaigrette and mandarin orange-serrano salsa on the side
- artichoke heart and sundried tomato pasta
- baked plantains and yams with mandarin salsa
- baked potato pancakes
- spanikopita (Greek phyllo spinach pastries) (but I don't know how low fat this 
can be, maybe spray with a touch of Pam instead of brushing on oil?)
- vegetarian sushi

Cynthia and Bruce