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Black Beans

Hi, everybody!
I'm new in the list, and am replying to the person who asked how to 
prepare black beans.  I'm sending a vegetarian version of my country's 
national dish, "feijoada".

Soak 1 lb black beans overnight, refrigerated; before cooking, discard 
soaking water and rinse under cold running water; place in a pressure 
cooker with 2 large bay leaves and enough water to cover (about 1.5 
inches above the beans.) After the pressure starts, lower the fire and 
cook for about 50 minutes (cooking time varies, depending on the altitude 
you, are and type of water.) Open the pan and add:
half cup chopped scallions, half cup chopped parsley, 1 large chopped 
onion and 6-7 pressed cloves of garlic. Add 1 teaspoon of cold pressed 
olive oil for flavor (optional), and either 1 teaspoon ground cumin or 1 
tablespoon chopped cillantro (chinese parsley.)  Add 4 tablespoons soy 
sauce, 3-4 dashes Tabasco and black pepper and salt to taste.  Cook 
uncovered over low fire an additional 10 minutes.
This is a hearthy dish, delicious served with brown rice and side dishes 
of steamed collard greens (with onion and garlic)and fresh orange 

          Irene (irene@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx)