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Web Site on Fast Food Nutritional Info

The following appeared in October's Yahoo! Internet Life Magazine and I 
thought that this would be of interest after the recent thread on getting 
nutrition facts on fast food.  I apologize if this web site was already cited, 
but I don't keep back issues due to hard drive space consideration.

Know What Kind of Junk Food You're Eating

Ready to take a break from what your boss presumes is working and grab 
something quick at the nearby national-brand fast-fooders?  But feeling a 
little guilty/concerned about your passion for fatty, drippy comestibles?  You 
might find Fast Food Facts handy.  Choose your favorite fast-food joint, enter 
the sandwich/meal you plan to order, and click the button.  Faster than you 
can say, "Would you like that for here or to go?" you get a chart that shows 
calories, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and the other goodies lurking inside that 
munchie.  Better yet, you can tell the chart how many calories you want to  
eat, amount of fat, limit on cholesterol, and it will recommend the food that 
meets your needs.  Create a menu, the site suggests, based on your own 
nutritional profile, keep it with your or in your car, and you can make 
intelligent decisions about where to eat when on the road or on the prowl.


I haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it sounds promising.  For 
myself, I know that reading the ingredients and finding out the actual fat 
content of something is frequently enough to make me lose my appetite