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miso does have fat

According to my Japanese food info book,
3Tbsp red savory miso (55g) has 2.56 g of fat, 6.4 GRAMS of salt.
3TBSP white savory miso (50g) has 1.72 g of fat, 5.2 GRAMS of salt.

Caveat:  Japanese tablespoon measure I think are smaller than 
US, but I don't remember for sure, that's why I put down the 
weight listed also.

I think it is a case that the US labeling allows them to say 0g
fat  since a small enough serving had less that .5 g of fat.  

If you made a dish with lots of miso, though, it may not be VLF.

Also, some miso packages in an oriental food store won't be 
vegetarian.  It can have fish stock added to it (to make it
"instant for soup"). 

I just went to check the "dashi iri" Japanse miso we have, and it
does have MSG added to it. But it's  clearly listed in the English
list of ingredients (along with bonito essense, which is the fish).

PLAIN miso should not have MSG though.

Aiko Pinkoski