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Re: Yogurt Cheese - FATFREE Digest #215

On Mon, 5 Aug 1996 Julie Gettys wrote:

> Help!!!!!  I made yogurt cheese and the texture is great, but
> it is so tart, it tastes almost sour.  I added from herbs, which didn't
> help, then I added a little sweetner and yuk!  Now it's sweet.  Does
> anyone know what to do to smooth out the taste?
> Thanks,  Julie G.      Fryin' in Fresno


I now condense three-four quarts of non-fat yogurt per week into yogurt 
cheese and I use it as my spread of choice.  When I first started doing 
this I found that the Dannon yogurt we normally used had too sharp a 
taste.  I began trying other brands of yogurt (making certain that they 
were active cultures made with Acidophilus or some other bacterial 
strain) and I finally settled on the Axelrod brand sold at Albertsons 
here in Florida.  It produces a solid and smooth tasting cheese after it 
has been drained.  If you experiment with several brands (you may need to 
go to a market other than the one at which you normally shop), I'm sure 
you will find a yogurt that meets your taste requirements.