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pinto bean flakes

My husband and I love the pinto bean flakes made by Taste Adventure.  I 
get them from Mountain People's Warehouse in Auburn, CA. (800-679-6733).

I buy them in a 10 pound box at about $2.13 a pound.  One pound is a lot 
of frijoles.  They are instant but not without texture.  Just add hot 
water and let stand or add water and nuke a couple of minutes.  Talk 
about convenience food!  These contain only beans and salt.  Nothing 
else.  One cup of beans to about 3/4 c. water.  Let stand a couple 
minutes to absorb the water.  They do get thicker if you let them stand 
at room temp.  By the way, I like them much better than canned frijoles, 
they do NOT have that canned taste.

I asked about Jamaican spices recently and have since found a spice mix 
I can order from Mountain People's made by Frontier Herbs.  I'll give it 
a try this order.  Barbara