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Re: veggie class

At 03:55 PM 8/30/96 -0400, you wrote:
>T. Colin Campbell is teaching a brand new, experimental class called,
>Vegetarian Nutrition, started today.  I am taking it just for fun, no
>credit.  McDougall, Ornish, Dick Gregory and others will be guest
>lecturers.  (I am really disappointed that the scheduled times for
>McDougall and Ornish are days I will be out of town, sigh).
>According to Campbell, the latin root of the work "vegetarian" is
>vegetus = meaning strength, vigor, liveliness, brisk.
>Should be a great class.
>Jan Gordon  <jrg14@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
>Office for Research, Ag. Experiment Station
>245 Roberts Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
>(607) 255-2552 -Fax:  255-9499
>WWW:  http://www.cals.cornell.edu/OfficeResearch

Have fun.

Now I miss Cornell.  

I remember when we used to joke about the nutritionists having 
to take cooking classes first.  I also remember a time during 
study week, when I was in the Pancake House having lunch.  
Sitting next to me were two women who were in that cooking 
class.  They were discussing the following question:

        If you substitute 8 (liquid) ounces of sugar for 1 cup 
        sugar , how will the recipe be affected?

One said that it would make it more sweet.
The other said it would make it less sweet.
I nearly choked on my meal to keep from laughing.

Ahhh.  The good old days.  
Of course, I guess they finally got the last laugh.

BSEE 1979
MEng 1980
Steve Cole
A single, ADD, Jewish, Vegetarian (moving towards Vegan)
Somewhere east of S.F. (San Ramon, CA)

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