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vegan white sauce

Kate wants a vegan white sauce that doesn't contain soy milk, sheesh, okay,
I love a challenge.
How about using veggie broth and Wondra flour.  The canister of Wondra has
the formula of how much flour to each cup of liquid, I think it is 2 or 3
tablespoons.  Usae more or less to make it as thick or thin as you like.
Then just heat to a simmer and use that.

For a fancier version, soak 3 or 5 dried mushrooms in a cup of warm water
for 30 minutes, then chop the shrooms, saute in some balsamic vinegar, add
some minced shallots if you like, then add back the strained soaking liquid
plus white wine or veggie broth to the amount you need, and add the Wondra
to thicken it all.  Should be delicious.

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