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RECIPE: Banana Curry (VEGAN), tested

Here's a quick and easy side dish.
Sort of sweet and spicy.

Adapted from the New York Times
	(sorry don't remember when
	I clipped it. Was from the
	Living Section, I'm sure.)

Banana Curry

	liquid for saute
1/4 cup	chopped red onion
1 tsp	curry powder
2 large	slightly underripe bananas
1/4 cup	stock or liquid
2 Tbsp	currants

Saute onion in water or stock
	until it begins to brown.
Stir in curry and cook 30 sec.
Slice banana about 1/4" thick
Add banana, stock, currants to onion
Cook a few minutes until bananas
	begin to soften

Yield: 2 servings