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Not Hot!

It took me about 15 years to get up to medium heat in spicey dishes, but I
am still sensitive to the tastes of my guests, so if I make any 'hot'
dishes, I use the chili powder and cumin, but without the hot peppers and
cayenne. I can still remember how painful a trace of cayenne was to me,
though now I can put it in my ginger cookies for a great kick!

So Tina might want to try a chili dish without the chilies, just double the
chili powder and cumin. Also, yogurt 'lassi' and bread are the best ways to
get the offending oils out of the mouth - NOT water.


1 pt. plain yogurt
1 pt. water
2 T. honey, or to taste
a good squirt of good quality rose flavouring
a pinch of crushed, dried mint (or two leaves of finely shredded and
chopped fresh mint)

Whir this up in the blender (or shaker) and pour over ice. Very good with
hot, spicey meals and East Indian foods.

Sylvia  8-)  +

Sylvia Genders LeReverend <>< sylvia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <>< "Carve your name on
the hearts of others - not on marble." --Anonymous" <><