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Re: Exercise equipment

>Amy Felix asked about exercise equipment. We have had a Nordic Trak ski
>machine in our house for more than five years. My wife uses it everyday
>and I try to log 30 minutes on it at least twice a week. IMHO the *best*
>exercise tools for your money.

I had one for several years, but I sold it and got a motorized treadmill,
which I like far better. My problem with the Nordic Track is that I wasn't
very comfortable using it, so I didn't. The problem was that the track was
too narrow. It is common that women use a wider track cross-country skiing
due to their anatomy, and I think Nordic Traks are built for men in mind.
Anyway, I didn't like it at all. In addition to my beloved motorized
treadmill, I also have a Cardioglide and a recumbent bicycle, both of which
I love. I've also gotten a Weslo AbShaper, which is a pretty remarkable
piece of equipment for not much money. Acquiring the exercise machines cost
a bit, but I was paying $60 for a club membership which I never used after
injuries prevented me from playing tennis anymore. The money, for me, is far
better spent on the equipment than on the club.

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