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triple bypass care package

My uncle, who is not yet 60, was admitted to the hospital last Friday with 
shortness of breath and "indigestion" and will be undergoing triple bypass 
surgery this week.  Fortunately, he avoided the heart attack he almost 
certainly was going to have and his heart is undamaged.  Apparently the 
blockage in all three arteries is such that he can't have angioplasty, and 
his danger is immediate enough that they really want to do the bypass NOW. 
  His doctor has already brought up diet, and my uncle seems interested-he 
does grow all sorts of vegetables, and he used to be quite a cook.

Anyway, the point of all of this:  I'm putting together a care package that 
will hopefully get him started on fatfree eating.   He won't be standing 
around in the kitchen for a while yet,  so I want to collect a bunch of 
frozen foods that he can microwave like Tabachnik Soups and Boca Burgers. 
 If he's receptive, I'll bring him some of my homemade stuff.  I'm also 
pulling the fastest, easiest recipes I can find, printing them out, and 
trying to get all of the ingredients together.  If I can, I'll do menus and 
instructions for the various people helping him out.  If anyone here can 
think of recipes easily made by non-vegetarian cooks in an unfamiliar 
kitchen, please let me know.  I'm using things like 10 Minute Brown Rice 
and canned beans.   I really appreciate any suggestions!

Anne Cox