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Holidays for new veggies

I come from a small extended family, and when I became a vegetarian, the 
irritation reached critical mass.   Fortunately, the 3 veg members of the 
family managed to design a potluck style holiday meal that ended up 
pleasing everyone.  Having several dishes brought by relatives tremendously 
relieves the stress on the host, and gives you a nice oblique way to handle 
the vegetarian options.  A main dish veg pilaf will also serve nicely as a 
side dish for the SAD eaters,  and if someone else brings a vegetable dish 
and a ff salad dressing as an option, the Thanksgiving Day table will both 
look "normal" and offer a vegetarian meal.  Check out the Thanksgiving 
issues of Vegetarian Times (or Bon Appetit and Gourmet, if you are secure 
in adapting recipes) to find dishes that coordinate well, and exchange them 
with the other people bring food.  Our Thanksgivings are more relaxed now 
than they ever used to be, and we actually get to see the host before 

Also, if you can locate one traditional family recipe that meets the vlf 
requirements, even if it's just a special cranberry sauce, make a point of 
bringing it every year.  If relatives realize that you are just eating 
differently and not divorcing yourself from the family, they will relax.
Anne Cox