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thanks for missing digests

Thank you, 

Katherine, Phil, Gilbert and Kirsten.  I received all of the back issues that
I had missed.

I have a question,  I read the FAQ for the list and it talks about nutrition

Now that I am reading and trying to file away the recipes that I have seen,
 and I have seen mention of programs like Meal Master, Master Cookbook, etc.

Please respond to me directly if not appropriate for the digest.

What are your feelings toward these programs??

Do they all give nutritional breakdowns??

I guess what I am trying to say is I really would like to break down the
recipes to see what the complete nutritional values are??  Especially when I
see things I want to modify. i.e. I have seen recipes in like Vegetarian
Times, and I wanted to see what it looked like when I left out the o*l, etc
from the recipes..


randy ching