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recipe flops

I've tried two different recipes from this list, both with similar outcomes.
I don't know who submitted them, but if you know who you are, could you
please advise me--I don't want to give up on them yet!

The first is called "Breakfast Crepes."  They had a very "raw" taste--like
flour, or perhaps it was the oat bran.  They also were very heavy and wet in
the center.  I cooked them for varying lengths of time, but the wet seemed
to continue, or else the outsides got overdone.  I was thinking the flavor
might be improved by first toasting the oat bran.  Does that seem like a
logical thing to do?

The other recipe was for "Applesauce Quick Bread."  In this recipe, I
confess that i substituted whole wheat pastry flour for half the white flour
called for.  I also used sucanat in place of the brown sugar, but have never
had a problem with that before.  The recipe said to cook the bread for 50
minutes, but I had to cook mine for an hour and 25 minutes.  Still, though
it rose fairly well in the pan, it was very heavy and doughy inside.  Should
I cook it still longer?  Add more flour, less applesauce, what?  How do I
get rid of the doughy effect?  For the record, this is a common problem I
have had with whole wheat quick breads.

Thanks for any help?

Anyone interested in an excellent vegetable broth recipe?

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