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some comments on recent postings

A recent posting asked about use of animal products in producing white
sugar.  The VEGAN-L FAQ contains information about the use of bone-derived
charcoal in filtering refined sugar. See
http://envirolink.org/arrs/faqvegan.html#22 for a brief explanation and for
some brands of vegan refined sugars. Alternative sweeteners include molasses,
maple syrup, rice syrup and other syrups, and pure cane sugar;
less-restrictive vegans may also include honey.

The many questions about restaurants can be answered in part by assuming some
overlap between vegan/vegetarian restaurants and low-fat restaurants.  The
World Guide to Vegetarianism includes a listing of restaurants, organized
geographically; it is at http://www.veg.org/veg/Guide/ . I've used the
listing to survive trips to Houston and certain parts of California.
PS: I'm glad to be on this digest. I lost access to the newsgroup when I
switched jobs last fall.