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Re: stir-fried rice

>Does anyone have a recipe for stir-fried riice that actually *tastes* like
>fried rice? (Without the oil of course.)

That's been my quest, too, and I can't make it taste like restaurant fried
rice, even if I do use o*l. However, I did make a nice rice dish that tasted
somewhat similar by first soaking some Chinese black dried mushrooms
(shiitakes) in water, removing the stems and slicing them thin, then using
the mushroom water and additional if needed to cook the rice. Before I
cooked the rice, I also added a couple of drops of toasted sesame (dark) oil
for flavor as well as the clincher: some black bean garlic sauce and a
little soy sauce. It's great straight or rolled up in nori (seaweed) after
adding a little seasoned rice vinegar to the rice, sliced, and chilled for


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