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Recipe: fish sauce substitute (untested)

I apologize in advance for posting an untested recipe. I usually like
to try them and be able to recommend them. Unfortunately, since I
don't know what fish sauce actually tastes like, I don't know whether
I'd be able to really judge it.

Anyway, I was going throught some old recipe files and found this
posting from news. I will probably try it the next time I attempt a
thai recipe.

NOTE: I finally have the fermented black [soy] beans at home now
because I bought them to make Michelle's green bean recipe. They were
a bit difficult to find. In the end, I found a vaccuum-packed bag of
them labelled "salted black beans" in a chinese grocery store.

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	  Subject: vegetarian substitute for fish sauce
	  From: jkandell@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Jonathan Kandell)
	  Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1993 01:19:47 GMT
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	  I experimented with vegetarian substitutes for thai fish sauce in pad thai
	  last night and had very good results with this mixture:

	  instead of 1/4 C nam prik (thai anchovy fish sauce)

          use....    1/4 C soy sauce plus a little water
		  with 3 T miso with 3T fermented black beans soaked in soy sauce and 
	  sherry....  [available in oriental markets]