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Rice 'Parmesan' by Soyco

I found this parmesan cheese substitute in the HFS the other day, and I
thought y'all might like to hear about it.  It has 0.5g fat/2 tsp.  The
label says it is cholesterol free and lactose free.  Here's the ingredient

Rice beverage (filtered water, organic brown rice flour), Casein,
Unhydrogenated Canola Oil, Tricalcium and Potassium Phosphates (a source of
calcium, potassium and phosphorus; naturally present in cheese), Natural
Flavor, Sea Salt, Powdered Cellulose (natural fiber), Citric Acid, Vitamin
E (antioxidant), Vitamin A Palmitate, Riboflavin.

I don't recall the discussions on Casein well enough to know if this
product is vegan or not.  Can anyone enlighten me?

Oh, by the way, it tastes *exactly* like that Kraft Parmesan 'grated
topping' in the green can.  Not exactly reggio parmesano, but better than

Brian Reed
Aspiring Vegan