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parchment paper

Hey, you all . . .  When baking those "fries" use parchment paper on a
cookie sheet.  You don't need spray and you can use it a couple of
times.  I love it for all types of baking.  I coat my potatoes with MALT
vinegar in a plastic bag, throw in some spices empty on to the cookie
sheet and bake.  They're great...

Speaking of sandwich spreads, another favorite of mine is "Chickpea

1-can chickpeas-mashed
1-celery stalk-chopped
1-sm. onion-chopped
1/3 C. ff Mayo (add more if too dry, although you don't want it too
1 T. mustard
S&P to taste

Mix well and spread on favorite bread.  It's thick and delicious.

Julie Gettys  "Fryin' in Fresno"