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Endorsing the mock crab cakes, and about rice

I also endorse the mock crabcakes as a great way to use up monster zucchini.  
I happened to have eggbeaters in the house so I made it with that, and used
plain whole wheat breadcrums with a 1/2 tbsp or so of Italian herb blend.
I thought that 1 TBSP of Old Bay was just fine, but I like spicy food, or
else my can of Old Bay is pretty old :-)
I thought it did seem to need a sauce, so mixed up some spicy mustard relish
with some FF sour cream, and also tried cocktail sauce with it.  If I thought
ahead, I would have mixed up some mock tartar sauce.  

I've cooked risotto (usually in the pressure cooker though) using shortgrain 
brown rice, IMHO it comes out almost as good as using arborio.  

I asssume we're talking about regular shortgrain, and not mochi rice.  (That's the 
kind that's REALLY sticky and usually used in Japanese rice desserts).  As far as 
I know, there is no brown mochi rice (has anyone seen such a thing?  might make
great rice pudding?!)

Aiko Pinkoski