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MasterCook vs Micro Cookbook -- Atlanta Vegan Restaurants

-- [ From: Andres Wilken * EMC.Ver #2.5.03 ] --

I've never tried Micro CookBook, so I can't really make a comparison between
MasterCook and Micro Cookbook.  But, I use MasterCook and highly recommend
it.  When I first purchased MasterCook, I was a little disappointed by their
lack of vegan recipes, until I found their web site.  MasterCook's web site
has six or seven vegetarian/vegan "cookbooks" that can be downloaded.  There
are also plenty of low-fat non-vegetarian cookbooks.  Each have over 100
recipes.  You can also contribute recipes and cookbooks to their site. I
even think you can download a trial version of MasterCook.  Sorry, I don't
have their URL here at work, but I found it using a Lycos search.  Another
nice feature of MasterCook is you can add your own recipes and it will
automatically provide a nutritional analysis complete with Fat, Calorie,
Protein and RDA levels.  All the recipes already in MasterCook provide
similar data.  There are loads of other features I don't use like meal
planning and shopping lists.  MasterCook is probably the most expensive PC
cookbook, but it's well worth it.

On another topic, I just moved to Atlanta.  I'd appreciate recommendations
on restaurants offering vegan fare, especially in the Midtown area.

Andres Wilken