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A Little of Everything!

Hi, y'all!  My posts haven't made it to the list lately, probably because I
was trying to use my new e-mail address & the server probably perceives them
as being "foreign".  So I'll try the old address, & hope the old messages
show up one of these days....

1) Just learned that Fresh Fields has been bought out by Whole Foods.  They
told me so at my local Fresh Fields.  They seem pleased, because they think
it will mean greater variety in products carried and more ability to respond
to consumers' requests.  Hope so!

2) I tried the mock crab cakes (forget whose, sorry).  They were actually
posted twice.  They were great--except for one thing: the second posting
(which I followed, without checking the first one) said 1 TBSP of Old Bay
seasoning.  Baaaaad idea!  :-(  WAY too spicy!  The original posting said 1
TSP.  BIG difference.  Do be careful.  I will make them again, but with a
modest amount of Old Bay!

3) Sylvia posted several recipes that raised questions in my ever-curious
little brain.  What is "almondaise"?  What is "shredded" tofu--is it the same
as mashed?  How do you pronounce "brinjal"?  (I knew about aubergines and
eggplants, but didn't know they had yet another name!)  Thanks for your
contributions, Sylvia!

4) I bought a jar of mole powder (to make mole sauce) in a Mexican grocery
store.  The label says "Mole, estilo poblano".  Ingredients: chile pepper,
wheat and corn flour, sesame seed, sugar, cocoa, almonds, spices, and salt.
 Directions: Dissolve 1/2 jar (3.5 oz.) into 2 cups of broth over low flame.
 Add broth until desired thickness is obtained.  Then simmer (well, they say
meat) in sauce for about 10 minutes.  The powder has a reddish color, kind of
the color of cayenne pepper, a little lighter than chili powder.  I does not
RESEMBLE cocoa, but has a subtle chocolate smell.  Most noticeable aroma is
of chilis.  Hope this helps all you inventive people out there!

Well, I'll creep back into my shell.  Wish I had more time to post--I love
this list!

--Ruth Hoffman
LRLady@xxxxxxx OR ruthhoff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (both addresses work for the next
couple of months)