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carrot pulp/mock tuna salad

Here's a recipe I came across that includes two recent topics of  interest: leftover carrot pulp from the juicer and veggie "tuna" 
salad. It states that the pulp gives a tunalike texture;  I haven't tried it. 
It's from _Delights Of The Garden: Vegetarian Cuisine Prepared Without Heat From Delights of the Garden
Resturants_ by Imar Hutchins, Doubleday Press, 1996.  Note: This cookbook is not designed to be low fat;  you may need to modify the 
amount of mayo the recipe lists.

Veggie "Tuna"

5    pounds carrots, peeled
2    stalks celery
1     bell pepper, chopped (optional)
1     small red onion, diced
1     large tomato
1/2  cup eggless mayonnaise (or your own FF favorite to taste)
2     tablespoons tamari (or lite soy sauce)
1     tablespoon sea salt or other salt substitute
2     teaspoons kelp seasoning

Juice the carrots in an electric juicer. Save the pulp to make this dish; enjoy the juice as a beverage. 
Finely chop the celery, bell pepper, onion, and tomato. Add the pulp of the carrots to the chopped vegetables. Knead the mayonaise into 
the carrot pulp mixture, then knead in the tamari. Finally, knead in the sea salt and kelp seasoning.

Serves 4  (3 - 4 cups)

Strawberry Luck
Nashville, TN